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What Flexible GH-NO-LC stands for?

Flexible Guest Host (GH) Normally Open (NO) Liquid Crystal (LC)

Guest Host film is a type of light control film that works by changing its optical properties in response to an applied voltage. Normally open Guest Host LC film is designed to be in its "transparent" state when no voltage is applied, allowing light to pass through freely. When a voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules in the film twist, causing the film to become tinted and block certain amount of light. The Liquid Crystal is the Host and Dyes are the Guests.

The amount of light that is tinted is dependent on the voltage applied, allowing the film to be used for variable light control, which also known as gray scale. There is no use of traditional polarizers and therefore the visible light transmission (VLT) is high and can reach app. 80%

Flexible GH-NO-LC film is used in applications such as smart wearable devices like Ski Goggles, Sunglasses, Helmets, AR glasses and more, where the ability to control light transmission is important.


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